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Environmental Monitoring Systems

Advanced. Affordable. All Yours.

Unlock operational efficiency and cost savings with business intelligence—Automate your reporting process with interactive charts and graphs, trend analyses and predictive models

Deep Coverage

Deliver deep indoor coverage in hard to reach places with Low Power, Wide Area (LoRaWAN) wireless sensors


24/7 Monitoring

Manage and monitor data anytime, anywhere with free 24/7 web and mobile access to a cloud-based data center

No Interruptions

Low power consumption wireless sensors with 5-year battery life and user changeable batteries make device recalibration a breeze

Data You Can Learn From

Environmental monitoring systems have never been so smart or simple to use

Advanced analysis features:

  • Customizable data groups
  • Interactive graphs, tables and plan views
  • Historical environmental data

Real-Time Alerting


Mobile Delivery

Deliver real-time email and SMS text alerts to chosen personnel or departments

Remote Access

Access your data anytime, anywhere using our free mobile and web monitoring app

Targeted Reminders

Notifications are delivered according to fully customizable condition alert thresholds

Support you can rely on

The CirrusCon Environmental Monitoring System includes multiple alarm notification methods so that you can rest assured that the right people are immediately alerted of any issues before they escalate.

Should any monitored parameters fall out of range designated personnel are contacted via phone, email or text message.

Say Goodbye to manual data entry and compliance reporting

Say goodbye to manual data entry