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Providing a total solution for any temperature sensitive environment, CirrusCon has deployed LoRaWAN enabled sensors at major healthcare, forensics and farming organizations.

Innovation Partner

MachineQ™ is a Comcast company focused on IoT in the global B2B market. They deliver a best-in-class IoT management platform that enables the management of dedicated IoT networks, with any LoRa® based device or application. The MachineQ platform includes a fully integrated and secure wireless gateway and enterprise-grade management software built to help manage thousands of gateways and millions of devices, anywhere.

Our Mission

CirrusCon helps businesses operating in heavily regulated industries better manage environmental monitoring, auditing and compliance with advanced WiFi and LoRa wireless sensor technology, cloud data management and mobile-web monitoring

Proudly Based In Philadelphia

Combining remotely monitored wireless sensor technology with advanced business intelligence and predictive modeling, CirrusCon delivers world class solutions that unlock cost-saving operational efficiencies.

Rick O’Brien

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Bringing 10+ years of software development and management experience, Rick oversees marketing and sales, while leading CirrusCon’s software engineering team in the development of mobile and cloud applications for its wireless sensor system.

James Coleman

Co-founder & Chief Systems Engineer

Bringing 20+ years of experience in systems engineering, hardware design, manufacturing,  and product development, James leads the conceptual and architectural design of CirrusCon’s wireless environmental sensor systems.


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