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CirrusCon Partners With Comcast machineQ For Advanced LoRa

Mar 14, 2019

CirrusCon partners with Comcast machineQ to provide advanced LoRa sensors for temperature, humidity and environmental monitoring.

Comcast machineQ delivers a best-in-class IoT management platform that enables the management of dedicated IoT networks, with LoRa® based devices. The MachineQ platform includes a fully integrated and secure wireless gateway and enterprise-grade management software built to manage thousands of gateways and millions of devices, anywhere.
CirrusCon provides environmental monitoring systems to businesses operating in heavily regulated industries from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to agriculture and forensics. Pairing advanced WiFi and LoRa wireless sensor technology with cloud data storage and mobile web monitoring, CirrusCon has simplified the management of environmental monitoring, auditing and compliance.
MachineQ’s LoRa platform makes it easy to get sensors connected and removes the typical installation and maintenance problems that plague wireless data networks including cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi. “In addition to the simplicity of installation versus other wireless options, CirrusCon’s LoRa based sensors are more economical that cellular and more robust than WiFi or Bluetooth in terms of building penetration and range,” says James Coleman, Co-Founder and Chief Systems Engineer of CirrusCon.
CirrusCon machineQ LoRa sensors simplify the installation and maintenance of environmental monitoring systems, by keeping them from the enterprise WiFi network and enabling them to operate independently of local networks. These newly released sensors are already being used to monitor temperature and humidity conditions in hospital refrigerators and freezers, as well as room conditions in police forensic laboratories.